Pacific Palms Property

Pacific Palms Property (PPP), has delivered some of PNG’s most progressive commercial developments, including the iconic Harbourside Development in Port Moresby.

Owning and managing commercial, industrial and residential properties across PNG, PPP performs developments on its own behalf, for Coral Sea Hotels and as a partner in several joint ventures. PPP’s vision to undertake quality developments delivering a high level of tenant support, is supported by its experienced development and letting teams, which manage its portfolio of properties.


Pacific Palms Property is at the forefront of new developments in Papua New Guinea, crafting forward thinking real estate solutions that enhance the nation's urban landscape and economy.


Pacific Palms Property excels in commercial properties in Papua New Guinea, offering offices and retail facilities prime locations and modern facilities that cater to diverse business needs, fostering economic growth.


Pacific Palms Property presents a wide array of residential properties in Papua New Guinea, providing comfortable and contemporary living spaces that meet the diverse housing needs of the community.