Gulf Maritime Services

Gulf Maritime Services established in 2023, is a joint venture between Steamships, GFS and the Gulf Provincial Government. The business was formed with the purpose to support the Papua LNG projects in the Gulf region, creating more opportunities for growth, development and employment for the Gulf people.

GFS will own 44%, the Gulf Provincial Government 2.5%, Project Impacted Landowners 6% (spread between PRL 15 Landowners 2%, Pipeline Landowners 2%, Riverine Landowners 2%) with Steamships holding the remaining 47.5%.  The 8.5% equity made available to the Gulf Provincial Government and the PRL-15 impacted landowners will be free-carried by the partners.

Customised Projects

Gulf Maritime Services specializes in Customised Projects in Papua New Guinea, delivering tailored and innovative maritime solutions to meet unique and complex requirements.

Marine Logistics

Gulf Maritime Services is a trusted provider of marine logistics in Papua New Guinea, offering comprehensive solutions vital to the nation's maritime trade and resource industries.

Local Content

The Gulf Provincial Government through its business arm holds shares in GFS which makes GMS a truly Gulf Province company.