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POMGEN Labour Ward receives over K100,000 worth of donations

01 February 2024



n partnership with Karimbelle, Steamships was pleased to donate over K100,000 worth of essential infant delivery equipment and furniture to the POMGEN Labour Ward.

For more than 15 years, Karimbelle have been dedicated to supporting the POMGEN Labour Ward fundraising to purchase and support the needs of expectant mothers and their nurses in Papua New Guinea.  The group work closely with the management of the POMGEN Labour Ward to identify and secure items which are needed, ensuring nurses, mothers and infants are receiving the necessary care.

“Steamships is committed to supporting worthwhile causes in health, education, social welfare, and environment. The philanthropic work which the Karimbelle ladies undertake to support the POMGEN labour ward is something we are proud to assist,” states Steamships Managing Director Rupert Bray. 

The donation was received by Sr. Mary Sitaing who manages the POMGEN labour ward, and Dr. Hilda Tanimia, acting coordinator for the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit. Previously, Karimbelle have donated delivery beds, Phototherapy equipment, infant warmers, infant resuscitators, curtains, towels, and linens.

“We are so grateful for the ongoing support from Karimbelle and Steamships. The healthcare system in PNG requires a lot of assistance, without good Samaritans such as Karimbelle and private sector companies, we wouldn’t be able to continue to assist with the safe delivery of children at POMGEN,” said Sr. Mary Sitaing.

Items donated included;

  • 12 x Blood Pressure Machines - A crucial tool for monitoring maternal health during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • 12 x Foetal Dopplers - Advanced devices to assess foetal well-being and heartbeat, contributing to safer deliveries.
  • 6 x Pocket Pulse Oximeters - Portable devices to measure blood oxygen levels, a critical parameter for maternal and foetal health.
  • 20 x Airport Chairs - Specially provided for women to sit comfortably while waiting for admission, enhancing the overall patient experience.
  • 5 x Caesarean Plastic Rolls -   Essential materials for maintaining a sterile environment during delivery procedures.
  • 2 x Office Tables and 1 x Computer Table - Supporting the hospital's administrative functions for efficient patient care.
  • 6 x Cushion Chairs - Furnishing the staff tea room to provide a comfortable space for healthcare professionals to rejuvenate.
  • Diathermy Machine with Accessories: A state-of-the-art device for Caesarean sections and Gynecology surgeries, contributing to the hospital's surgical capabilities.

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