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Joint Venture Port Services Earns Employer of Apprentices Accreditation, Bolstering Future Workforce in PNG

03 June 2024

Joint Venture Port Services (JVPS) is proud to announce it has been awarded the ‘Employer of Apprentices’ certificate by the National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board (NATTB).

This notable certificate signifies JVPS’s commitment to developing the next generation of skilled professionals within the critical heavy machinery and equipment industry. The certification allows JVPS to hire and train apprentices in four key trade areas:

  • Heavy Equipment Fitting
  • Auto Electrical
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanic
  • Metal Fabrication and Welding

“We are thrilled to receive the Employer of Apprentices accreditation from the NATTB,” said Greg Kettleton, General Manager, JVPS. “This certification allows us to invest directly in the future of PNG’s workforce by providing young Papua New Guineans with valuable on-the-job training and nationally recognized qualifications.  This will ensure a continuous pipeline of highly skilled tradespeople to support our ongoing operations and contribute to the future needs of PNG.”

To obtain the Employer of Apprentices certification, JVPS underwent a rigorous process established by the NATTB. This included a comprehensive site inspection to ensure the company possesses the necessary tools, machinery, and qualified personnel to deliver effective training in the designated trade areas.

“We commend JVPS for achieving this important milestone,” said Arthur Geno, Assistant Director for NATTB, during a recent certificate presentation ceremony. “Their commitment to meeting our stringent requirements, including successful completion of a site inspection, demonstrates their dedication to providing a high-quality apprenticeship program. This program will serve as a valuable pathway for young Papua New Guineans to gain the technical skills and knowledge needed to thrive in these essential trades.”

JVPS is actively developing its apprenticeship program and anticipates implementation later this year. The program will provide structured training opportunities for apprentices, combining classroom learning with practical experience under the guidance of experienced JVPS tradespeople.

JVPS is a leading provider of stevedoring and cargo handling services across Papua New Guinea. Through joint ventures with local landowner groups, JVPS offers a comprehensive range of services at key ports throughout the country. The company is committed to safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, while also supporting the development of local communities and the PNG workforce. JVPS is part of the broader Steamships Logistics Division, an intermodal logistics provider solely owned by Steamships Trading Company.

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