G. L. Cundle

G. L. Cundle


G. L. Cundle

Chairman since 2015

Managing Director 2013 to 2015

Member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Member of the Strategic Planning Committee Director since 2013


Mr Cundle joined the Swire Group in 1979 and has extensive corporate experience having worked with the Group in various divisions in Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, Japan, and Papua New Guinea. He was a Non-Executive Director of Steamships in 2006-2007 and General Manager of Steamships Shipping & Transport from 1989-1992. He was the Managing Director of Steamships Trading Company Limited from 1st January 2013 to 12th January 2015. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of John Swire and Sons (Australia) Pty Limited.

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